25 Before 25

After watching The Buried Life on MTV and reading recent blogs I realized I want to live my life instead of watching it pass by.  These are 25 things I want to do before I turn 25 some are more realistic than others, but all are doable with hard work!  Some ideas are my own, others I read on other people’s lists, but all have special meaning to me.  I’m 20 now which means only 5 years to my goal!   Here’s to life, let’s get living it.

  1. Qualify For Boston
  2. Run the Goofy Challenge
  3. Raise 8,000 dollars for charity – halfway there!
  4. Eat only local for one week
  5. Participate in a century bike ride
  6. Swim in natural water – lake, river, ocean
  7. Snorkel
  8. Visit somewhere off the continental US – Hawaii counts
  9. Live alone at least once
  10. Get a job I truly love
  11. Take a photography class so that I can photograph my adventures
  12. Get that elusive six-pack
  13. Read or attempt to read at least half the books on this list
  14. Learn to snowboard or ski
  15. Go to a Final 4 game
  16. Go a whole week without watching TV
  17. Learn to play tennis
  18. Run the Chicago Marathon
  19. Get my nails done, my hair done and a ‘spensive dress to just go out on a date on a Saturday night
  20. Go swimming on horseback
  21. Read the Bible
  22. Become a guide dog puppy raiser at least once
  23. Find a guy that makes my leg pop when he kisses me those who have watched the Princess Diaries know what I’m talking about 🙂
  24. Grow an organic vegetable garden
  25. Visit Pioneer Woman’s Ranch

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